Specialists in improving health and fitness through functional movement and strength training.

With years of experience combining sports therapy and personal training, we have a vast knowledge in posture and movement assessment and corrective exercise.

TRU FIT offers a wide experience and knowledge in adapting training to suit all individual needs and abilities.

Our aim is to increase peoples self confidence and well being, reduce any aches & pains, loose fat and improve physical fitness/strength.




I would highly recommend Jack as a personal trainer. Jack is attentive to individuals goals and targets. Jack uses his skills and experiences to tailor the exercises to me, I need variety and that’s something Jack recognises. Jack has given me more body confidence and confidence to work on my own in the gym.



I was suffering with a shoulder impingement injury for well over a year,. Jack set me a series of strength and mobility exercises which I did with him regularly, slowly I regained use with no pain whatsoever.

I also have wear and tear in both knees, again Jack devised strengthening exercises and specific rehabilitation movements.
To my amazement  I can now squat with heavy weights, something I thought would never be possible again, both of my injuries have now healed so well that I regularly use weights with no after effects at all.



I started training with Jack around 9 months ago and started with severe back pain and limited mobility. Jack pinpointed the movements I needed to work on and build on that would help and I now have next to no back pain and a massively improved range of mobility along with building strength and fitness in the process

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