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From 2nd Dec 2020, it looks like we may be able to get our Bootcamp sessions back outdoors! However for all you Zoom Class lovers don't panic, this wont be the end! With the popularity of the Zoom Bootcamp sessions during Lockdown 2.0, they will be here to stay (a few sessions a week).

As these sessions have become a fun, friendly and convenient place to train, I will be keeping some of the Zoom classes even when we come out of lockdown.

With the addition of it being pretty cold, dark and miserable outside in the evenings, the Zoom classes will be a nice addition to the training schedule. It will also be very useful for several members that are unable to attend multiple outdoor sessions a week and also for people who also live a bit further afield and are unable to attend any of the outdoor sessions.

One of the session I will be keeping on Zoom will definitely be the 9am Saturday Sweat (Endurance) Class as this has been a popular edition to the schedule this lockdown and will provide people with a quick and convenient time to train at the start of the weekend without having to leave their home.

With regards to the other Zoom session a week, this will more than likely be the Tuesday night session, therefore leaving us with the normal outdoor sessions on the Monday 6:30pm in Shefford, Wednesday 9am in Ampthill, and the Thursday 6:30pm back in Shefford.

This is all of course subject to change at any time due to the nature of the current climate we live in. Please note, that once the outdoor sessions resume, I will need all the equipment that has been loaned out to members to be return so they can be used in the outdoor classes. This does mean that the indoor Zoom classes will mainly be bodyweight movements.

Again, I really appreciate everyone's support and commitment to TRU FIT Bootcamp classes through this difficult time and am over the moon with how things have progressed even through Lockdown 2.0. Many thanks,


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