Thursday's blogs are going to focus on being thankful.

I want to start off this Thankful Thursday with a short message about where it began and how far I have come with the help of my clients, friends and family.

When I decided to give up Primary School teaching to pursue my own business in the health and fitness industry, it was a pretty nerve racking time and I didn't really know where to start.

After getting an office based job, I qualified in soft tissue therapy and personal training. I began to treat and coach clients in my home gym/studio, just in the evenings.

As things got steadily busier, I went part time employed with the office job and 2 days a week self employed. Things were growing nicely until COVID hit us where everything stopped.

So I set up a Zoom based and eventually outdoor bootcamp for friends and family to enjoy during lockdown as there wasn't much else to do fitness-wise for people and I enjoyed seeing people being able to meet up and train together (socially distanced of course) during the pandemic.

This then grew until we had a large group of people training twice a week, which lasted over a year.

Eventually as my client base grew, I had to give up the outdoor bootcamps and solely focus on personal training and sports therapy/rehab, which is where I met the guys at Tribe Active and Tribe Strength Gym, which is where I am now based full time coaching classes and working with clients.

I'm thankful to all my bootcamp clients that stuck with me throughout the pandemic and then continued to train with me post bootcamp days and who are now regular one to one personal training clients. Without them, I would not be where I am today.

I'm also thankful for Tribe who enabled me and pushed me to grow into the business I am today.

I'm also incredibly grateful to my family for supporting me through the difficult time that was COVID and pushing me to follow my dream of running my own business.

Thanks Team.

We keep going and keep growing!