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Return of the Bootcamp #18

After 8 months, our group Bootcamp sessions made a comeback. We are looking to run these sessions monthly and get the crew back together every now and again for a big group workout.

These Bootcamp sessions are a variety of strength, cardio, interval and team workouts. They are a bit different from the old we ran last year which used to be outside. As we are now based at Tribe Strength Gym in Haynes, which enables us to use way more kit and for our workouts to be more diverse. But don't worry, they do have an outside area, and will of course still be running outside 🙂

Last Sunday consisted of:

Workout 1

20' EMOM

1) Max calorie Air Bike

2) 15-20 sit ups

3) Max calorie Ski Erg

4) 10-15 Wall Balls

5) Rest

Workout 2 - Pairs