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Strength Training for Endurance Athletes

How much strength training should I do pre marathon?

What sort of movements should I do?

Will strength training increase the risk of injury?

These are questions I regularly get asked by runners looking to hit PB’s and run injury free, whether it be for a 5KM or a marathon.

So... in short... in order to complete a marathon not only do you need Aerobic fitness but working on building strength and power output will result in better running efficiency and will also help you run faster and reduce the onset of muscle fatigue.

For most people a marathon is not an endurance event- It’s really a test or pure strength.

Not sure who said this but I saw this the other day and could really relate. When I completed the #londonmarathon a few years ago, I really felt that it was a test of my bodies ability just to keep moving - one foot in front of the other. More about my strength through my lower body and core.

Sure following your running training schedule is important with the interval runs, long runs and recovery runs however on top of this being able to factor in strength training to enable you to build a strong foundation on which you are to run is vital.

Strength building training for endurance athletes should include core and lower body strength and conditioning using compound (multi joint) movements such as squats, deadlifts and presses. Performed correctly these will promote adaptation, and increase overall strength better than isolated strength work.

I have a few endurance athletes who train with me at TRU FIT and join in with our daily Bootcamp sessions where their focus is on improving overall strength which has already enabled them to improve their running efficiency and also reduce the risk of injury.

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