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Who? Wednesday

This week I want to celebrate an online programming client of mine.

Robyn trains regularly throughout the week mainly focusing on CrossFit and Olympic Weightlifting.

I have been programming for her for over 12 weeks now focusing on Olly lifting and gymnastic strength.

Throughout this time, she has PB'd her: Clean, Snatch, Front Squat, Pull ups and Handstand push ups! She is one of the most committed and hard working people I have met and has really crushed it as of late.

She also recently competed as the National Fitness Games with 3 other ladies in a team of 4 and came second overall! Mega proud of her and please that all the hard work is paying off.

We have just finished our first block of 12 weeks programming and are just about to start a new block. Excited to see what progress we can make over the up and coming months.

Well done Robyn!

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